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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 24, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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leaks from the white house. >> senator feinstein was a no-show at two press conferences where she was expected to discuss cybersecurity and gun control. she issued a statement walking back her statements from monday, quote, i stated i did not believe the president leaked classified information. i shouldn't have speculated beyond that because the fact is i don't know the source of the leaks. >> a spokesman for governor romney said the incident was identical to a controversy in may. it looks like president obama has given diane feinstein the cory bookman treatment. yesterday she was speaking candidly and today forced to walk it back. >> as katherine referenced, mitt romney says someone close to president obama betrayed the national interest and compromised troops in the field
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to get his reelection. a serious charge. mike emanuel reports it came in a speech in which romney portrayed president obama as weak in the eyes of the world. >> ahead of an overseas trip, governor romney used a speech to make the case he would be a stronger commander in chief for national security. >> other major powers are rapidly adding to military capabilities, some with intentions very difference than our own. the regime in tehran is close to a nuclear weapon. >> the list the places where he says mr. obama made mistakes, iran, israel, poland, the czech republic, russia and china and venezuela. >> whoever provided classified information to the media seeking political advantage for the administration must be exposed, dismissed and punished. the time for stone wall
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something over. >> romney bashed mr. obama for lack of leadership on the half trillion in defense cuts as part of last year's debt deal. >> strategy is not driving defense cuts. >> he explained his opposition to withdrawalling surge troops during the fighting season before the election. >> the route to more war and attacks at home is a politically timed retreat. >> the obama campaign accused romney of resort to go cheap attacks that lack credibility. yesterday president obama tried to sell the vfw on his national security credentials and mocked romney for his opposition to the timeline of withdrawal in afghanistan. >> when you're commander in chief, you owe the troops a plan. you owe the country a plan. that includes recognizing not just when to begin wars but how to end them. >> romney summed up his remarks saying he would not surrender america's leadership in the
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world. >> this is very simple. if you don't want america to be the strongest nation on earth, i'm not your president. but with his cuts to the military, you have that president today. >> reporter: romney left reno a short time ago heading on a trip taking him to england, poland and israel and said he did not want to question american foreign policy while overseas so he did all his blasting weigh here on u.s. soil in front of a veterans' group. >> one of the hottest hotspots in the world, opposition activists say syrian forces killed worshippers in a mosque. locals say the strategic location has made it a target for shelling and a top syrian military commander a close friend of bashar al-assad, defected. he's the highest level defector
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in 17 months of fighting there. in an interview with tv today, the defecting general called for the sir ran military to denounce what he described as crimes committed by bashar al-assad's forces. the danger is al-qaeda. that's what we hear from a senior intelligence source to says the c.i.a. is scrambling to get a handle on a fluid, confusing situation. >> good evening, indeed the c.i.a. is rushing to prepare for a series of complex outcomes of assad's probable ouster. we're told there's a real fear of al-qaeda taking advantage of the instability. the source says the educated guess is that foreign fighters, many al-qaeda, are likely flooding into syria from iraq sensing the end of the assad regime is near. the problem is that syria is armed with stockpiles of
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chemical weapons including nerve gas which can result in indiscriminate and gruesome death. >> the longer we refrain from helping people watching relatives being slaughtered and the more time we give islamist extremist so insinuate themself into the rebellion or opposition or whatever you call it, the more dangerous the situation becomes in the long run. >> president obama yesterday reiterated that warning to the assad regime. >> they'll be held accountable by the international community and united states should they make the tragic mistake of using those weapons. >> the administration has not said how they would be held accountable. the centuries old rivalries of chance. they've ruled ruthlessly over the sunys.
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>> if these people who have been oppressed for generations and have seen their families tortured and murdered for the last 17 or so months, when they suddenly come to power, some will behave rationally. a sophisticated society, but some will be as murderous as anything seen in that part of the world. >> human rights activists put the death toll at 19,000, a figure that some fear would pale in comparison to the slaughter if assad is ousted. bulgaria's prime minister says a sophisticated group of conspirators planned the attack on israeli tourist. a bomber killed five and a bus driver. israel blames terrorists with hezbollah but the bulgarian prime minister stopped short of that. one of the president's surrogates says mitt romney is reaching timeout bigots. that's later.
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fewer people insured but less deficit spending. the latest analysis of obama care by the congress budget office. jim angle runs the numbers for us. >> the supreme court case changed only one thing in the healthcare bill, how many people of states are required to put on medicaid. the number of uninsured will go up 3 million but the government will save money over ten years. so while they put out a number that showed $84 billion in savings, that's not a big number. 8 billion a year in a trillion dollar program, and there's a lot of uncertainty. >> the cbo did not predict how many states would expand the population. >> the cbo does not say how many
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states or which states. >> the report simply said, quote, fewer people will be covered by the medicaid program, more people will obtain health insurance through the new exchanges and more people will be uninsured. those on exchanges get generous federal taxpayer subsidies. the states have to pay to expand medicaid. >> all those people can go into a new health insurance exchange and the federal government will pay almost all their premium and that will be private insurance. >> republicans argued for repealing and replacing the healthcare law. today the c about. o said that would add $109 billion to the deficit over a decade leading democrats to issue a challenge. >> to those who favor a appeal, have the burden of coming forward and arguing how to reduce the deficit. the law says it will raise revenue in part by cutting medicare by $500 billion. the chief actuary of medicare said that would reduce payments
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to less than those on medicaid. >> the senior citizen will be less attractive to doctors than welfare mothers. how long do you think that can go on before seniors complain. >> in a study today, 10% of big employers plan to drop health coverage as the law takes hold because they don't trust the administration predictions. >> congress has a long history of underestimating the cost of things. and so one would expect that healthcare costs will continue to rise in the future despite best efforts. >> companies wrestled with the uncertainty and many can't be sure how it will work until it's in action. in the meantime they're keeping their options open. another down day on wall street today. the dow gave back 104, the s&p 500 dropped a dozen points. the nasdaq closed 27 behind. timtim geithner is deeply
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offended by accusation he's too close to wall street and mishandle the tarp bailout. the former inspector general of tarp makes that charge in a new book saying in an interview thing aizations are as a result of a myth. neil barofsky stood by the charges. a threat from the white house tonight. the average family will be pay at least $1,600 more in taxes next year if congress does not pass the president's increase on high earners. molly henneberg reports. the two parties are blaming each other. >> the top senate republican says democrats need to fish or cut bait on president obama's push to ex extend some of the bush era tax cuts. >> the democrats believe the president's rhetoric, they'll vote for his proposal and he'll work together their support. my guess is that democratic
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leaders won't law a vote. >> senate republicans want to extend all bush era tax cuts for a year. families making less than $250,000. as president obama called for and they want to increase the estate tax, what critics call the death tax, to 55% on estates worth more than $1 million. that estate tax part is more than president obama wanted though the proposals were never written up. harry reid says republicans are blocking a vote on any tax cut bill. >> we're here trying to get things done and we're stopped every step of the way. >> almost all legislation in the senate needs 60 votes to pass but with some senators such as joe lieberman who caucuses with the democrats already saying he will not vote with them, senator
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reid is pushing republicans for a simple majority vote and chided them today for not agreeing to it. >> voting on the republican democratic tax plan, instead we're running out the clock because they forced us to do. >> senator mcconnell made no promises. >> that's under discussion. >> and icapitol hill watchers sy it's political theater. >> i think this is a procedural gridlock and you'll have wars. >> the house is expected to vote on a g.o.p. version of the bill next week that will likely pass but in the senate, the procedural vote is tomorrow and he predicts neither bill will make it to the senate floor. this probably will be put off until after the election. >> thank you. still ahead, is president obama backing off the mitt romney bain capital attack? first, planned parenthood under
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f.b.i. officials say the suspect in last week's colorado movie massacre turned his booby-trapped apartment in a house bomb. officials say james holmes' apartment was packed with explosive, tripwires, gunpowder, filled shells, bullets and liquid accelerants. bomb teams defused it over the weekend. >> the death of a chicago woman after an arbors has planned parenthood under attack. >> it was an accident. >> i would like to put them under oath and find out how they
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spend the half a billion dollars and talk about the safety aspects. particularly in light of the death of this 24-year-old lady. >> planned parenthood expressed condolences but little else. shannon bream is here to tell us about the push. we heard from congressman stearns he's launched an investigation. what's the latest with that? >> he told me today this was launched months ago, looking into the spending and safety practices of planned parenthood he's gotten thousands of pages but they're not relevant and left him with more questions than answers and says they get more than a million-dollar of taxpayer money every day. >> with the death friday are there more calls to go after planned parenthood? >> stearns is ramping up, calling for a hearing. he wants them under oath. other lawmakers are joining in but he says it's up to g.o.p. leadership to decide if there's a hearing.
6:21 pm
a number of states are not waiting on the feds. at least ten have taken steps to block taxpayer money from flowing to planned parenthood and there are medicaid fraud investigations under way. we reached out to planned parenthood for comments on the death and the comments by the congressman and we've not heard back. >> the obama administration going after a another voting law demanding information about pennsylvania' law to see if it come publicize with voting rights act. it sued texas and south carolina over similar laws. >> holder is says he's going to clean up the new orleans police department. this afternoon he announced sweeping reforms for one of the most corrupt, troubled units. word comes one day before president obama visits new orleans to address the national urban league conference.
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>> bp focused too much on individual worker safety and not enough on the rigs before the gulf oil spill. that's the conclusion of a government panel that says bp paid more attention to its own rigs at the expense of leased ones like the ill-fated deep water who are -- horizon. >> this 21st century white house goes old school to keep a lid on the media.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. a senator from virginia made bold statements about race and the presidential campaign during a radio interview friday. here's with a senator louise lucas said while reportedly speaking on behalf of president obama's reelection campaign. >> mitt romney is speaking true. a population of this segment of the population who does not like to see people other than a white man in the white house or any other elected position. mitt romney is speaking to a group of people out there to loan like folks like president barack obama in any elected position. he's speaking to friends out there who do not want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position. >> we reached out to the obama campaign for comment but did not hear back. the little more than three
6:27 pm
months until the election most voters say they know enough about the candidates. a new poll shows when it comes to president obama, 90% say they know what they need to know about him. 69% say the same about governor romney. the pr department at hbo might need a refresher on ethics when it comes to the series the newsroom. critics have been cool toward the show which chronicles a fictional able news channel. you might not know that from this ad in the hollywood reporter a quoted review reads captivating, rifting, rousing but the next line read condescending and smug, didn't make the act. same for time saying the pace something electric and told leaders he's not a fan. the time writer told forbes, quote, ironic way to promote a
6:28 pm
journalism drama. for an administration that prides itself on embracing media. as in no real time tweeting allowed. that has been their policy and the white house says it's for context so reporters aren't trying to condense a 30-minute call into 140 characters. senate intelligence committee chair democratic diane feinstein says someone at the house is probably responsible for national security leaks that harmed the nation. mitt romney says that person put troops in harm's way to get president obama reelected. a serious charge in what has become a brutal presidential campaign. ed henry reports that may be changing. >> after days or evening weeks
6:29 pm
of going on offense over bain capital president obama finds himself on defense over his own you didn't build that comment. >> governor romney was at it again. knowingly twisting my words around to suggest that i don't value small businesses. i believe what all my heart that it is the drive and ingenuity of americans that start businesses that lead to their success. >> campaign aides say the president is pushing back because they can no longer allow the comment to be spliced and diced by mitt romney. >> these are -- they think business is an enemy or business is getting a free ride and there's a sense that somehow you're the bad guys. >> another reason for the president to go on defense is despite millions of dollars in attacks. >> mitt romney is not the solution, he's the problem. >> the bain ads may not have worked. just as democrats like bill clinton, cory booker and
6:30 pm
pennsylvania governor ed rendell suggested. a new poll finds by normore than a 2-1 margin voters say mitt romney's better qualified to fix the economy. obama aides say the attacks are sticking though they suddenly shifted from slash and burn to kinder, gentler. >> sometimes politics seems small but the choice you face, it couldn't be bigger. >> while sidestepping whether the bain focus was politics, they found the strength. the president is more likeable than romney and romney aides admit it's a problem but believe it willing trumped by the economy with the republicans trying to make the case the president's comment was not a miscue. >> the private sector is doing fine. if you have a business, you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen.
6:31 pm
>> the president released a new ad declaring governor romney took his build it comment out of context. the romney camp said the president said it and he meant it. >> ed henry, thank you. britain is deploying another 1200 troops to protect the olympics. that brings the total to more than 18,000. almost double its contingent in afghanistan. competition against tomorrow. opening ceremony is friday. more high level charges in the britain phone hacking scandal. two of the top editors of the news of the world tabloid are accused of conspiring to intercept communications from 600 people. news of the world was owned by the parent company of this channel. mitt romney accuses the president's administration of leaking national security secrets for political gain. and he has backup from a prominent democrat. we'll see what the fox all-stars
6:32 pm
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i think the white house has to understand that some of this is coming from its ranks. i don't know specifically where, but i think they have to begin to understand that. and do something about it. the importance of this has to be really set by the president himself. and hopefully he will do it. >> whoever provided classified information to the media seeking political advantage for the administration must be exposed, dismissed and punished. the time for stonewalling is over. >> the top democrat, the chair of the senate intelligence committee over the weekend putting blame on someone in the white house for national security leaks about a cyber attack on iran and double agents
6:36 pm
in yemen saying the white house, the leak came from there. today, senator feinstein released a statement saying, quote, i was asked whether the white house might be responsible for recently national security leaks. i stated i did not believe the president leaked classified information. i shouldn't have speculated because the fact of the matter is i don't know the source of the leaks. the romney campaign put out a statement saying it looks like president obama has given senator feinstein the cory bookman treatment. she was forced to walk it back as governor romney said today, we need a leader who will take responsibility and halt the security breaches before more american lives are put in danger. our panel, pat buchanan, mora lieasson and columnist charles county halftimer.
6:37 pm
y you are thoughts south florida the the feinstein walkback is a hostage take. you image them standing behind her when the statement is issued. she talked yesterday, when she talked about the white house being a source of the leeks, she actually said, there's a book they can read and they'll see it very clearly. she's referring to the book by david sanger, obama's secret wars, excerpts of which were on the front page of the "new york times" in which the leaks of either attributed to high administration officials, white house officials or sometimes quoting the official by name. this is not watergate leaks where somebody's whispering in the basement of a garage. these are leaks obviously leaked by or statements made by high administration officials in the white house who were in the -- in the situation room, who else
6:38 pm
is in there, about what happened there that were given proudly to sanger so he could sing the praises of the courage and audacity and wisdom and seriousness of obama in dealing with iran. >> maura, what about the feinstein statement and the welcome back back? >> feinstein has said before this weekend that she was angry about these leaks and she said it was worse than ever. she's been -- >> she's not the only democrat. >> no, and it's important to find out if national security leaks were made, who made them, and then we can figure out why. as far as whether this is going to be a campaign issue that's another matter. i think this is what the romney campaign would call a shiny object. it's not, on most people's radar screens. >> it was a very pointed part of his vfw speech. >> i was surprised. in terms of the republican base
6:39 pm
activists who follow this closely, that was a big applause line but for most americans shall even if they're interested in for sure foreign policy, this is far afield. >> playing to the concerns about leaks that put people in danger, that could play politically. >> it certainly could. it's shameful and could be criminal. one of them comes right out of the situation room. the president is sitting there with face cards of people he wants assassinated by drone strikes. the virus they introduced into the centrifuges that destroyed 1,000. we know this from sanger's book. then it got into a computer and went around the world. the fact the president of the united states is not serious is why is he not running down the leak? i can tell you when the salt position was leaked, halderman
6:40 pm
and the president and everybody were wiretapping. why doesn't the president call in tom done lynn and say tom, did you leak this? if not, go through your staff and find out who did. we want to run down the source. they're breaches of national security. >> there's a quote from robert gates in which he says, i've got a communication strategy for you. shut the blank up. >> right. >> it's obvious where gates, who knows about this stuff, thought and knew where the leaks were coming up. from if it were an isolated incident it would not have any political effect but it plays into the theme of obama putting himself and reelection above the country. clearly if these things were leaked to make him look tough on national defense, help in the reelection at the expense of what feinstein said, great damage to american national
6:41 pm
security, that fits with the keystone pipeline decision, the decision to withdrawal the troops in afghanistan in the middle of the fighting season now rather than what the military recommended, after election day. all these decisions to make the president look as if he's subordinate the interest of the nation. >> the vfw speech was pointed at a number of places. mitt romney, we covered the president there yesterday. today he spent a lot of time talking about defense cuts as well. >> today we're just months away from an arbitrary, across the board budget reduction that would saddle the military with a trillion dollars in cuts. severely shrink our force structure and impair our ability to meet and deter threats. the president has chosen this moment for wholesale reductions in the nation's military capacity. when the biggest announcements
6:42 pm
in the last state of the union address on improving our military was that the pentagon will start using more clean energy, you know it's time for a change. >> how was this playing and how is the white house dealing with it. >> there's a substantive difference. romney wants to spend more on the military, increase the military, add carriers and the president wants to shrink it. now, i think that it's not fair to say these are the president's cuts. the reason the autumn cuts are teed up is congress failed to come up with a plan. the defense cuts were onerous, nobody wants them. the thought of them was to force congress to come up with an alternative so it's not the president's cuts. on the other hand i think romney owes it to the public to explain how he would pay for the defense build up. that is a real difference. in this crowd that he's speaking
6:43 pm
to today, probably it went over pretty well but that's a real foreign policy difference. >> pat? >> if the defense cuts go into affect you'll have cancellation of contracts in the late fall. i don't think it's going to happen. democrats have to make $600 billion in cuts from domestic discretionary programs. republicans will put 600 billion out of the defense. it's not going to happen. they'll get together i think in a lame duck session, which will be full and exciting. >> not only that but this affects swing states pretty hard, including virginia and when you talk politics, they're adding the numbers up. >> there will be a lot of pink slips going out two months before the sequester. if you look at the calendar, a week before election day. that's not what you like to see happen in virginia if you're the president who carried it in 2008 and now is worried about losing it. >> next, is the white house using scare tactics over tax increases and what will congress
6:44 pm
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our friends on the other side are practicing what could be best described as thelma and louise economics. let's just march the whole country right off the cliff and see how that works out. >> there's an easy way to make the senate wore efficiently. republicans drop their record-breaking run of obstruction, gridlock and delay. since 22007, 84 filibuster against allege legislate and
6:48 pm
received more than 50 boats. >> he says democrats need to fish or cut bait. >> essentially raising taxes on families making above $250,000 a year. the back and forth on the senate, we're back with the panel. where is this headed, pat? is this just a dance that will take us into the election? >> it's headed for at a session we talked about earlier. >> the lame duck session. >> i believe the republicans got the better of it. what is obama asking them to do? go against their political interest, philosophical convictions and economic beliefs and raise taxes in the middle of a recession which is not what cains recommends you would do. otherwise he's saying it's going over the cliff. this is rebel without a cause with buzz and james dean. the two of them headed to the cliff and the first one is a
6:49 pm
chicken. >> he likes thelma and louise. >> the republicans ought to hold their ground and the president ought to do this one year like president clinton recommended and deal with tax reform if he wins in 2000. >> did democrats believe it was a winging issue? the economic county council put out a statement saying the taxes are scheduled to go uhm on middle class, an average of $1,600 and lists the tax cuts that would go away the first of the year and breaks it down. are they saying this is a winning strategy? >> i think they're saying it's a winning strategy. i don't think they think it will come to that but they're saying to republican, we want to pass middle class tax cuts, so do you. let's pass those and argue about
6:50 pm
the high end tax cuts. on average for republicans on that case, they know that. polls show most people want middle class tax cuts extended, fewer want the upper end tax cuts. >> president obama said himself. >> he can deal with the republicans. >> he also said don't raise taxes at all. >> republicans did something like this before. they held firm and called the democrats' bluff on the debt ceiling saying we're willing to see the country default unless you make a deal. democrats say we're willing to see the sequester happen, tax cuts expire, even had to it will give a hit to the economy if you don't make a deal. >> is that washington is, a giant game of chicken? >> yes. >> having heard about thelma and louise and james dean, i think it's roadrunner economics. you go over a cliff and don't know it until eight seconds
6:51 pm
later. it's a game. nothing is going to pass. each party is trying to embarrass the other. republicans know there are several democrats up for reelection who don't want to go near the president's proposal on taxes, it's going to kill them. you have two people who caucus with the democrats, joe lieberman and jim webb who said they will oppose the plan, the democratic proposal, if it goes up on the hill. nothing is going to happen. it's getting kicked into after election day. again, everybody's panicked over this. if romney wins, it won't matter. he'll be the one who controls the agenda. if nothing happens before january 1st when he becomes president, everything will be done retroactively. if obama wins he has to make a compromise as he did in 2010 and that will happen at the 11th hour. >> i want to go over the vote. a series of votes are to. harry reid wants a simple
6:52 pm
majority because it's a budget issue, 50 plus 1 and they could pass there. usually in the senate it takes 60. take one more listen to the senate majority and minority leader today. >> they want to vote on theirs, vote on ours, we'll do it with a simple majority. so i hope republicans don't insist on doing this the hard way. and why are republicans delaying votes they asked for in the first place? >> my guess is democratic leaders won't allow a vote on the president's plan. >> that should tell you everything you need to know about the democratic approach to the problems we face. they're either out of ideas, not serious about solving the problems we face, or both. >> pat, as charles said there are a number of democrats in reddish states that don't want to vote on this. >> here's the thing, the
6:53 pm
democrats, the schumer bill, a million dollars and above we raise taxes, i think that will get 51 votes. republican bill won't and of course the president's bill won't. >> why won't the president's bill? they have enough democrats. >> they won't -- republicans won't let them. they'll hold out and filibuster. >> they can -- they don't need to. >> they're not going to let it happen. romney is in the cat bird seat. he's saying elect me and all tax cuts are ex extended one year. elect obama, we don't know. if romney hits this hard and republicans hit it hard, i think it's a winner. >> this is why people hate washington. >> and with good reason. it's all a game of chicken. they can never come 0 together. everybody wants to say they want to do tax reform. why not start. >> that's the panel. stay tuned for the importance o
6:54 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, tv reporters always try to search for the right word, a descriptive way to tell a story. this local investigative reporter was following up on a viewer's complaint about a company. listen closely, sometimes if you try to use a fancy word, you really have to be careful. >> wart contacted us because the apple store in walnut creek refused to give her the $7 left on her card after a purchase. we went back with her with a copy of that california civil code. and the handed over the $7. >> viola? may have meant voila? >> it's a tricky one. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. viola. that's it for this "special
6:58 pm
report." fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, white house leak accusations, governor romney attacks. and a powerful democrat changes her tune. plus, action at the movie theater massacres apartment. >> the investigation in aroar with a, colorado has only just begun. now arrests in at least three other states raising concerns about copycat you want to think any place you go is safe. >> shepard: new spike in gun sales. >> as you know the obesity epidemic is run that is ravaging the nation. >> shepard: showdown over sugary drinks. >> what will the government be telling me next, what time to go to bed? >> a trip to the car wash usually doesn't involve a
6:59 pm
river. but first from fox this tuesday night. governor romney is calling it contemptible. is he now accusing the white house of leaking national security secrets to the news media to help president obama's re-election campaign. a live look now portland, oregon where the president is speaking at a campaign event tonight. we are keeping an eye and an ear to this to see whether he responds to governor romney. two u.s. attorneys are investigating these leaks about cyber attacks on iran and al qaeda's latest botched underwear bomb plot. governor romney is calling for an independent special prosecutor to take over the case. >> obama appointees who are accountable to president obama's attorney general should not be responsible for investigating the leaks coming from the obama white house. what kind of white house would reveal classified material for political gain? i will tell you right now, mine will not. >> shepard: president obama has said his white house would not play politics w


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